Transforming one the worlds largest commodity markets with innovative solutions

ReforceTech is the Developer and producer of revolutionary, non-corring reinforcement solutions for concrete,

Made from Basalt Fiber composite. Our breakthrough technology is advancing civil engineering and giving designers new

creative freedome.

Non-metallic, non-corroding and with considerably lower density, and higher tensile strength, than steel. The unique properties of the Reforcetech reinforcement enable innovative and cost-effectiv structural solutions. Approved and certified to international standards

Reforcetech Highlights

innovative technological leader in the development of basalt fiber composite materials that har the potential to substantially impact the construction idustry through new innovative solutions, lover material cost and increased productivity, reduced carbon footprint and greater durability

Track record
of successfully patented innovation and breakthrough technology

ISO certified Production Plant

customer bas and reference projects

Roll out
of unique products world wide

Production Plant
in Norway and Production Plant under construction in Doha, Qatar